Short walks - There is a lot to see in Adelaide!                [main]

These four 60 to 90 minute easy walking tours take in the very essence of the city of Adelaide. They include an entertaining narrative from an informative guide, and helps you discover Adelaide's quirky secrets, a little history, some delicious Aussie treats, tea or coffee and much more! Both visitors and locals alike will enjoy these tours.

1. Meet at the entrance of Central Market Arcade.  This is a 1300m relaxed/easy going tour end at Gay's Arcade near Rundle Mall. (This is known as Tour A in the map below.)

2. The meeting point for this tour is at the corner of the Adelaide railway station and is an easy walk of about 1500m. (This is known as Tour C in the map below.)

Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.  (Those participanting will be given the option to attend a further walk straight after the above two walks described as Tours B and D below).

If people who have accessibility issues book a tour, all venues and the course will be appropriate for those people.  More information on accessibility is in AccessAbility Issues.

Current bookings for this week are in People are able to join without notice, however preference will be given to those who have either paid and booked rather than those who have just turned up, so each tour could be quite different.

The routes of the tours are shown below: