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After working over 30 years with Information Technology and Statistics ( Linked in profile ), I now divide my time  pursuing interests relating to the following links, however I am willing to listen to other ideas. 

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please feel free to contact Neil on 08 8331 1599 or via  Neil_Ann_de_Souza@bigpond.com.

Useful links for Neil:

  1. Accommodation:

    - Suite in Magill: www.adelaidebnb.info/Magill_suite.htm (feedback:  www.adelaidebnb.info/magill4.htm).  

    - Three Bedroom House in Magill: www.adelaidebnb.info/magill_house.htm (feedback www.adelaidebnb.info/magill_house4.htm ). 

    - Two bedroom House in West Beach: www.adelaidebnb.info/westbeachholidayhouse.htm

    - Bookings: Adelaidebnb.info/Bookings.htm

  2. Adelaide Walks n Talks with Neil:  http://www.adelaidebnb.info/walks.htm.
    Facebook: Adelaide-Walks-n-Talks-with-Neil-Page  &   Adelaide-Walks-Talks-with-Neil- Group
    New web site: http://adlwtd.com/     Videos: 30 Second, 3 min, Tonsley
    For businesses wanting to get involved with these walks, please see: www.adelaidebnb.info/business_walks.htm.   AccessAbility Issues: www.adelaidebnb.info/Accessability.htm     
      (Walks1)   Survey

  3. I am interested in anything to do with Data and often access these links.  Contact me if you have any questions:   Useful Data   --->     Detailed    --->   Very detailed   --->   a47264b     Magill_Map_2006  Example_Age_BrakeDown2016  Region  Beta  2016 Census Data Seminar Presentations   Adelaide Presentation Video 1300 135 070 2 T********
    Others than ABS Links: airdna  investadelaide.com.au/insights

  4. Neils-Photography-Adelaide    Ad Man1 fb   Webpages

  5. Locations - where are you been (if you have an android phone)?

  6. Olives in MAGILL:  adelaidebnb.info/olives.htm 

  7. Curry Leaves for Sale: www.adelaidebnb.info/curryleaves.htm

  8. Postage/Revenue Stamps and Coins for Sale:  www.adelaidebnb.info/Stamps.htm

  9. South Australian Museum: www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/   HERE

  10. Society of St Vincent de Paul:  Video1  Video2  Video3  Video4  Vinnies  SA

  11. Annunciation Church,  Hectorville, Adelaide - music ministry: Video1

  12. Adelaide: Lets be Bold and Brilliant in Business