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Curry Leaves For Sale in Magill, Adelaide. The cost is $2 per bag - see below. If any one wants some leaves, please feel free to arrange a time to pick some from us.

Our contact details are: Telephone: (08) 8331 1599 

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Saturday 27 June 2015 - We have fresh curry leaves for sale all year round in Magill, Adelaide. 

We have a few curry leaf  trees in our garden,  and have been supplying peope these leaves for a few years,  and they seem to be quite popular.   

We have never used any sprays or any chemicals on them. They are all natural,  and we don't really do anything to them except prune them.

The leaves are also 100% fresh because we only take them off the tree when you are there,  and you pick which stems you want.

Taken from link: "I have never heard of a more misunderstood ingredient than the poor curry leaf (kari leaf). It is a gorgeous, aromatic, shiny dark green leaf used in Indonesian, Indian, Sri Lankan and Malay cuisines, to name a few. In my opinion, its lemony fragrance and the taste it adds to curries is addictive. I spoke with Indian cooking legend Julie Sahni last week about curry leaves, and the first words out of her mouth were: “Curry leaves are this decade’s lemon grass! People are using them more and more, and finding out how amazing their flavor can be.”

For a plastic bag (picture shown) the cost is two dollars ($2),  and you will receive at least thirty leaves in a bag,  and the bag can be frozen

Our contact details are: Telephone: (08) 8331 1599 



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10 reasons you should eat curry leaves (also known as kadi patta)
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  • #1 Helps keep anaemia at bay
  • #2 Protects your liver from damage
  • #3 Maintains your blood sugar levels
  • #4 Protects you from heart disease
  • #5 Helps with digestion
  • #6 Relieves the symptoms of diarrhoea
  • #7 Can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy
  • #8 Reduces congestion in the chest and nose
  • #9 Treats and prevents skin infections
  • #10 Accelerates hair growth

So, the next time you see curry leaves in your plate, don’t throw away but eat them to reap their amazing health benefits.

Our contact details are: Telephone: (08) 8331 1599