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Adelaide Walks,Talks n Drives with Neil

Providing fully narrated walking and driving tours to visitors and new arrivals to Adelaide. <Click for more information> The tours are flexible,  excellent value, different, informative and help you make the most of Adelaide and South Australia.

If I am meeting anyone at Outer Harbour, where the cruise ships come in, these are your instructions of where I meet you.

Exit harbour passenger terminal. Directly across the road is Outer Harbour Station where there is a small carpark in which there is a sculpture shown in the first photo below.  (The sculpture represents the Sturt Dessert Pea - The floral Emblem of South Australia)


This photo is taken from the station of the cruise ship passenger terminal.



This video is taken from the station panning from the passenger terminal to the station to the sculpture.  <click>

More photos and videos can be found in this facebook post. <click>

 I will meet you at the sculpture.  If it is bad weather, you can shelter under the station.  If there are complications,  we should have each other mobile numbers,  so all should be good.