Would you like some more customers?

I run four 60 minute walking tours around Adelaide City.  Please see the map below which outlines the routes of the tours.   See www.adelaidebnb.info/walks.htm.

I am only looking for three businesses on each tour to participate and make the tour more interesting.  I am happy to work with you, by bringing the tour participants to your shop during less busy times for you, and am happy to send a you text when each tour starts so that you have notice of how many people you could expect.  Note I do not want to spend more than five minutes at your shop.

As the tour passes your business,  you may want to:

        give the participants a sample of some kind, or may be a voucher to return; or

        let the participants take part in an activity of some kind, for example provide them with a short history of your location or business

It all up to you. Hopefully,  your service will encourage them to return to your business  after the tour.  I am trying to sent up something similar to the recent grazing trail.

If you would like to participate in this idea, or require more details, please contact Neil on 08 8331 1599 or email Neil_Ann_de_Souza@bigpond.com.