Do you have a great idea?

I have created the following web pages:

Coupled with appropriate free advertising,  and data analysis on where to advertise, each of these webpages make a profit.    For example our back yard has eight olive trees and a curry leaf tree.  From mid February to mid July 2017,  we sold over $1000 worth of olives and curry leaves to people just viewing this and,  and my total outlay was less than $50 (= $25 + $22.50).

I have found that there are so many people who have great ideas and talent,  but do not have the know how to market their ideas in an efficient, cost effective manner. Why not just put some text together explaining your idea ( no more that an A4 page with possibly one or two pictures). I will then loaded the information to the web for you,  and explain how to market it efficiently using data which is already available for public use.

If you want an inexpensive webpage (like the ones above) which can generate you substantial business if you follow the correct process,  then send Neil an email via with any questions/information you may have for a free  15 minutes for discussion and quote via Facebook messenger or phone.