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  • Hi, I'm Neil and I have lived in England, Kenya, Canberra and Adelaide,  and have been to several countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Fiji, India, Sri lanka,  Maldives, America, Italy, Greece, Turkey,  Israel, Singapore,  Malaysia, Hong Kong, and all Australian States and Territories.    I have been on many tours and have used aspects from these tours, as well as my positive and negative experiences to develop tours which are enjoyable, flexible, informative and interactive.

  • I have been in Adelaide since 2001, and have run a couple of short term accommodation businesses with my wife, so have had lots of experience talking to people who are visiting Adelaide for holiday or work.  This has helped me develop a passion for Adelaide and South Australia, since I have often brought guests into the city, pointed out to them tourist attractions and explained some of the important aspects of Adelaide’s transport system. The accommodation we provide is:  

- The Suite in Magill: (feedback:  

I also have over 30 years of experience working in Statistics and Information Technology.