Book a walk

If people who have accessibility issues book a tour, all venues and the course will be appropriate for those people. 

Current bookings for this week are in the spreadsheet below, and people are able to join without notice, however preference will be given to those who have either paid and booked rather than those who have just turned up, so each tour could be quite different.  Maximum group size 20 people.

For a quote on How much your tour will cost, please email the following to

Number of people on tour:

First name and age group of each person on tour. Eg

When would you like your tour:  Date:                    Start-Time:

Which tour(s) do you want to do on:  A, B, C, D.  See map below.

Do you want to include lunch during your tour? If so,  what type $15 or $30? 

The cost will be $10 to $40 per person, depending on a number of variables including where lunch will be included in the tour.