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If people who have accessibility issues ( AccessAbility ) book a tour, all venues and the tour will be appropriate for those people. 

If the weather is too hot, or raining,  the tour will still go ahead,  but changes may be made to take into account the adverse conditions.

A deposit of $10 per person, plus all costs for add-ons (if any) is required at time of booking.  Please be aware of these terms and conditions before booking.

To book a tour please cut and paste the following information into an email, and remove what you are not interested in, and send it to Neil on

Number of people on tour:

Age range of those on the tour - List first name and approximate age

When would you like your tour:  Date:                    Start-Time:

How did you find out about this tour?  If recommended,  who recommended it?

For how long would you like the tour to run?

What is your ideal starting point of your tour?

How much are you willing to pay for each person per hour for your tour?

Are there any accessibility, allergy or dietary issues for anyone in the group.

Do you need to connect to other services (airport, cruise ship, coach or other) at the start or at the end of this tour, and if so, how much luggage space will you require?

Do you want refreshments or lunch included in the tour? (cost will increase depending on the venue chosen)

Please cut and paste the relevant text below,  into your message,  to ensure they are covered on your tour:

Are you interesting in:

Are you interested in going to the following restaurants/tours during your tour with Neil?